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18 July 2016 @ 06:45 pm

{ friends only }
Please leave me a comment if you add me and if we have things in common I'll add you right back.


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09 August 2012 @ 04:16 pm

hey guys,


have a nice picture i just took with my phone.
taempo is cute. still bites at me though... i have to teach him. ugh.


been doing alright.


very meh these days cause i feel ignored or whatever.


in any case... august is not my month. >_<


what's with everyone?

26 November 2011 @ 10:58 pm
Hey, guys. I was going to copy and paste this here, but instead I will link you to my tumblr post of the report. 

You can leave comments there (as I have them enabled), or use the Ask Box or comment here if you have any questions or just want to spazz about something. 

Warning: I didn't make a set list and there's many songs that were performed but I haven't mentioned because I didn't note things down... but it was the best time I had in Japan since I came. I would pay 6000yen again and again to attend this concert. 

Next shows that will have reports are these: 
  • 12/11/2011 Super Show 4 in Osaka (Super Junior)
  • 12/30/2011 Kanjani8 EIGHTxEIGHTER Tour in Osaka
  • 12/31/2011 Musical Tennis no Oujisama Seigaku vs Rokkaku
I am going to Super Show 4 alone, but I might meet up with someone I chatted with on last.fm. I will queue up for goods so if someone really wants merchandise any of these concerts let me know and I will see what I can do. 

Other than that, enjoy the report and I'm sorry I made such a messy one. ^^;; 
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11 December 2009 @ 10:08 am

I need to share this as well.
26 November 2009 @ 09:27 pm
I baked you a smarties cake today! <3

May you have many more cool solos, epic dramas and fishing time! Ah, and "umai" moments.

PS. So how did operation #tsuribaka & #wemakestorm go? I did contribute a bit, but I hate the time difference with Japan. >___<
PPS. On Wednesday I got sick, so I'm still recovering from that, but at least I function now. 8D
PPPS. Also happy birthday to Maruyama of Kanjani8 (he's 26 now, right?)
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11 September 2009 @ 07:59 am
If your friend or partner left his or her email open, would you look? How about a journal? Have you ever peeked at something private?
I wouldn't look at their emails unless I was allowed. Nor the journals. I guess I'd want to know what's written there, but the guilt of looking into it without permission would eat me later so I don't want to do it. Besides, if the person has a secret or thoughts they don't want to share yet then nobody has the right to barge in.

I like to go through other people's books or text books, but that's about it. I don't think it's too private. ¬_¬ I just like the little notes and doodles in the corners. Or the books might tell me something about the person.

13 August 2009 @ 02:25 am
Yet another meme post because there seem to be too many again. lol

Comment on this post and I will choose six interests from your profile. You will then explain what they mean/why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.
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Meme #2 from sylphiawings 

1) I will give you 3 people.
2) If possible provide pictures of these 3 people and...
3) Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.
4) Post this meme with your answers.

She gave me Seungri (Big Bang), Domoto Koichi (KinKi Kids) and Satoshi Ohno (Arashi).

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Meme #3 from sleepingwgods and a long, long time ago in a galaxy far away (Naboo was under an attack~)

It's that person you like meme. She gave me Taguchi Junnosuke (KAT-TUN).

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And that's it. I'm doing the other long meme some other time. So tired right now. Guh~ my brain is dead.
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22 June 2009 @ 01:49 pm
When you have to study or get work done, what music (if any) do you put on to help you concentrate?
It's really hard to work without music. I usually pick original soundtracks (movie or tv soundtracks) because I know they won't distract me too much. In some cases, classical music is great as well,  but I suppose it depends on what I want to write.

In the past I would put everyday radio style music instead of my favourite bands because they distract me and I want to sing along. :)

But soundtracks are always the best!

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08 May 2009 @ 01:41 pm
I thought... since it's Yamada's birthday on the 9th I'll make an endless picspam/pimp post. He deserves one for being amazing.

Name: 山田 涼介 // Yamada Ryosuke
Born: May 9th, 1993 in Tokyo Prefecture.
He lives in the Kanagawa Prefecture. (I have a bias to Kanagawa-ken because Yokohama is my favourite city.)

Usually called Yama-chan by friends and fans.
His bloody type is B and the Johnny's sempai he admires the most is Domoto Koichi. He has said in interviews that when he was young he went to a Kinki Kids concert and he thought Koichi was really cool. We can interpret it as fanboying. :)

In an episode of Shin Domoto Kyoudai Yamada got to sit next to Koichi and ask him about a message he sent him through a magazine (note: Koichi said "let's get some coffe and hang out sometime", but there was a typo and instead of ko-hi, it said ko-shi. It was very cute). Since then they even had a photoshoot together for one of the idol magazines. Photographs will be added later.

Yamada likes... strawberries, eggplants, meat, cooking, social studies, the color white and orange and the number 4. He doesn't like tomatoes (don't blame him) and fermented soybean (like natto for example). 

Random trivia about Yama-chan:
He's best friends with Nakajima Yuto.
He has a collection of air riffles in his room (in a big glass case).
He has a collection of over 300 manga as well.
He's afraid of ghosts, dark places and airplanes.
He's usually quite loud, but sometimes he will be very quiet.
His favourite sport is soccer and he wanted to be a soccer player when he was younger.
Yamada got a total of 20 Jr Awards in 2008, which broke Akanishi Jin's record of 16. So now he's the most award winner.
He likes hearing the fangirls scream at concerts (and so he likes stripping to have them scream more).
Despite popular belief he's not overly confided in his dancing, singing, acting skills and like any teenagers needs help and encouragement.
He gets really attached to his drama roles and pretty much cries every time he finishes filming a project because of the overwhelming feelings.

Since this post is all about Yama-chan appreciation, his hotness, cuteness and sheer ability to make me the fangirls nosebleed, I'll start at the very beginning.

Yamada entered Johnny's Entertainment in August 12th, 2004 (he was in the 5th grade back then) through some auditions held by the Ya-ya-yah show at the time. Although I do not have have the video myself or any screencaps you can go and check it out here. It's in two parts and Yama-chan is that squishy thing, you can't miss it. Morimoto Ryutaro also auditioned at the time.

As a Johnny's Junior he really perfected his dancing (he's said that he always practiced/practices three hours a day) and his singing.

He participated in the PVs of Seishun Amigo (Shuuji to Akira), Venus (Tackey & Tsubasa) and Fever to Future (kitty GYM).

He's also backdanced for many concerts such as NEWS' Never Ending Wonderful Story (it's an epic 2 disc DVD tour) and even Arashi's Final Time concert with the rest of Hey! Say! JUMP.

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CREDITS: I really can't remember eveyone, so... much thanks to
hey_say JUMP fandom, you're too awesome! <3
boys_paper thankyouthankyouthankyou
stellarsky08 I don't know how you do it, but I love you for sharing everything!
and quite possibly the groups over at crunchyroll.
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25 March 2009 @ 12:41 am

More on the concert tomorrow. Going to crash now. Jaa~
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